Adorable Snowman   Leave a comment

Another cute Christmas gift idea and again…I don’t have a pattern! Ugh!!  However think of the fun and creative snowman you could come up with just by wingin’ it!!  This one is about 8″ tall but you could make one whatever size you wish!  Adorable sitting on your counter or if you stuffed him with something heavy (rice or beans?) he’s make a sweet door stop!


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Christmas Ornaments   Leave a comment

Here’s a few cute ideas for handmade Christmas ornaments…easy to sew by hand or machine, whichever you prefer.  (sorry…I don’t have patterns:)

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Ornament Lighting   Leave a comment

Here’s a quick project that even the kids can do and the results are beautiful!  Here’s what you need:

1 clear glass plate (about 6″ plate)

1 glass hurricane. (you’ll want the plate to fit nicely on the bottom of the hurricane)

Strand of clear Christmas lights (25-50 bulbs)

Assorted Christmas ornaments and bells

Start by putting the strand of lights into the hurricane with the plug at the bottom.  Hot glue the glass plate to the hurricane (leaving enough length from the strand of lights to plug it in.  Start layering bulbs & bells letting the strand of lights weave through the bulbs.  Plug it in and enjoy!!

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A New Look   Leave a comment

Since I have a couple days before I really have to dive into my new year resolutions I thought I’d share  a new look for some old items!  We had a lattice room divider that was falling apart at the hinges, acouple wood closet bi-fold doors and a bunch of old wood laying around…we wanted a “wall” going from our kitchen to living room with a door so my dear husband built this wonderful doorway out of our old material.

Posted December 30, 2009 by bluejeancountry in Recycle & Reuse